Creation of House Address Plaques

It is very important for you to make reading your home’s address plaques as simple and straightforward as possible. Many of us think only in terms of visitors being able to read our address. They do not consider that it is also essential to make your address easy to read for emergency personnel and in the event that they are expecting any kind of parcel or package.

House address plaques can go a long way towards making your home much easier to identify. The strong graphic nature of our house signs, wall plaques and other custom plaques can be read easily by someone whether they are driving past or walking past the front of your home. They are durable and will not fade or become hard to read over time.

House address signs are ideal for outdoor use. They have a durable, high-gloss surface that can be cleaned easily. Even spray paint or other forms of graffiti can be cleaned off easily with acetone, making them an ideal choice for areas where vandalism is an issue. All they need to keep them looking beautiful is an occasional wash with soap and water.

The secret behind the durable exterior and the beautiful appearance of these signs lies in the manufacturing process that is used to create them. Instead of simply applying information such as a name or a number to the surface of the sign with dye or paint, the pattern that is used to make up the sign is present throughout the entire thickness of the sign.

In order to create an address plaque or signs, a pattern is hand stenciled on a metal background. Then, powdered glass that has been colored with lead-free oxides is applied. Because the color is present throughout all of the enamel it cannot fade or wear off. Once the powdered glass has been applied by hand, the piece is fired. This melts the glass and causes it to form the smooth, durable exterior that our signs are famous for.

This method of creating address plaques by hand is not used often these days. Only some companies choose to use the traditional method of making house address plaques simply because it produces the most durable product and gives us the most control over the finished product. We are able to design a variety of different signs for any home or business. Our designs can easily be customized to meet your needs as well as the style of the building where it will be placed.

Whether you want a sleek, modern look for your house or are looking for a traditional home design that is much more heavily ornamented, craftsmen will be happy to develop a custom address plaque for your home. If you are unsure about the style of sign, trim or lettering that you want to use or have any questions about how to create a custom house address sign pattern, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to create the perfect product for your home.

A Fascinating Story About Home Address Signs

When you look at the fresh, modern look of an address plaque it is hard to believe that the art of enameling metal is actually one that has been around for thousands of years. The same techniques that are used to make strong, colorful address plaques have been used by many different cultures to create jewelry and other decorative items.

The process of creating an enamel address plaque involves placing powdered glass on a metal backing and firing it at a high temperature. At high temperatures the glass will melt and fuse with the background. This creates a surface that is glossy and because the colors are an intrinsic part of the enamel they will not fade or dull over time. This gives them a distinct advantage over signs that are painted or which use other manufacturing techniques but which may be prone to fading or weather damage.

Although porcelain enamel is often placed on a metal backing when creating modern pieces it was not uncommon to find items that had enamel areas on a base of pottery and stone.This is because the act of applying powdered glass to a backing and then firing it could produce a coating that was durable, brilliantly colored and able to handle a variety of different uses. Items that use a metal base often had the advantage of being more durable than an item made from pottery.

In its earliest history, porcelain enamel techniques were used to create decorative and religious items. In the Middle Ages, it was not uncommon to find items that included the use of precious and semi-precious stones in the design.Some of the most famous enameled decorative items include Fabergé eggs which are known for their intricate enamel work and use of precious gems. Many people are familiar with jewelry pieces that use the cloisonné technique which involves the creation of enameled areas that are separated by thin metal wire.

Because enamel techniques do produce such a glossy, flawless finish it is no wonder that they were used for display items such as signs and address numbers. In the 1850’s, European craftsmen were just beginning to create enamel home address signs. They soon became very popular and it was not unusual to find them on many houses and businesses in cities throughout Europe.

They were expensive and time consuming to produce, however, and slowly the process of hand enameling became rarely used. Modern enameling techniques still involve mixing clear glass powder with small quantities of metal oxides before firing in order to create the beautiful colors which these pieces are known for.

Now, the interest that people are showing in hand stenciling is growing again. For anyone who is interested in purchasing a sign or set of house numbers which are beautiful, intricately crafted and extremely durable the choice is clear. Hand enameled signs are designed to add class and beauty to your home while maintaining their color and design for many years to come.

The Secrets of the World’s most Resilient Design

When looking at the beauty of a handmade address plaque you may think that they are not durable due to the beautiful glass-like surface finish. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, an enamel address plaque is durable enough to withstand adverse weather and can be cleaned easily of surface stains up to and including graffiti. The secret is in how a metal house address plaque is made compared to how other types of signs are manufactured.

When a craftsman is creating a hand stenciled address plaque they combine powdered glass with metal oxides. These melt when subjected to heat and adhere to a metal background. A variety of different metal oxides can produce a wide range of colors that are present throughout the entire thickness of the piece.

After the house address sign is cooled the craftsman is left with a durable metal backed piece with a smooth, thick porcelain enamel coating. The hand stenciled address plaques creates are fired at 800 degrees which leaves a surface that is extremely hardy and difficult to damage.

Behind the durability of 100 year old address plaques lies a surprisingly simple concept.

An address plaque takes a lot more punishment than many people may think. Weather conditions can chill these signs and bombard them with snow and rain. Sunlight and heat in warmer weather can bake a sign and items such as house address signs will begin to break down over time. If the details have been painted on they will begin to fade and wear away.

Only enamel address plaques can withstand these damaging forces without fading, chipping or being damaged in any way. If you still do not believe how durable these signs can, you may find it interesting to learn that many of the house address signs you see on the exterior of homes and other buildings may actually be well over one hundred years old.

Caring for address plaques is not difficult. After being installed they are generally impervious to weather. It may not require any more cleaning or care than any other external surface of your home.

If you want an external sign for your home that will not peel or fade and which will continue to look beautiful and colorful year after year, variety of colors, a hand stenciled address plaque from Ramsign is definitely worth looking into.